Why product reviews are important in Korean e-Commerce industry

Posted 2023-02-03 16:20:48

The Korean e-commerce industry considers it important to collect sincere reviews.
This is because the review serves to compensate for the shortcomings of e-commerce, which is difficult to check the product directly before delivery, and to help consumers choose. Many e-commerce companies are making efforts by providing various benefits to secure many carefully written premium reviews. 

In 2019, 11th Street launched the industry's first 'KookKook' tab, which collected only video reviews separately. 
We planned such a service by paying attention to the trend of online content consumption moving from text to video. 
Video reviews convey parts that are difficult to grasp only with text or photos, and it is easy to induce consumers to purchase products.

WeMakePrice established a 'YouTube' tab in the app in May last year. When consumers search for products on WeMakePrice, they can check the review of video products posted on YouTube directly inside the WeMakePrice app. Consumers can easily check high-quality product information, and WeMakePrice has established an environment that can lead to purchase directly within its application without leaving, so both consumers and platforms are seeing positive effects.

SSG Dotcom is also working to attract high-quality reviews. 
During the sale promotion event, SSG money is accumulated by selecting the best reviews for 'special reviews' that include photos or videos. 
It is attracting consumers by offering benefits.

Korean consumers tend to communicate by sharing reviews and information.
Korean customers are smart consumers who purchase not only information provided by the platform but also information shared and produced by consumers.

In order to generate a lot of sales in the Korean marketplace, it is important to first secure a lot of positive reviews from consumers.