Coupang Offers 'Rocket Growth' Service To All Sellers

Posted 2023-03-31 11:11:40

Coupang has decided to offer its "Rocket Growth" service to all of its marketplace sellers. The Rocket Growth service takes care of product storage, packaging, shipping, and returns once a seller has deposited their items at Coupang's logistics center. Through this service, Coupang has also made its "Rocket Delivery" service available to all sellers for a fixed fee, which was previously only available to those who directly purchased items from Coupang. This service upgrade enables sellers to compete with faster delivery times, ranging from same-day to next-day delivery, instead of the 2-4 day delivery times typical of regular couriers. Additionally, this service reduces the burden of shipping, returns, and exchanges for sellers, allowing them to focus more on product planning. As a result, industry insiders predict that being listed on Coupang will give sellers an advantageous position in attracting customers, as everyone will have access to Rocket Delivery.