Launched in 2000
Annual sales ₩40 trillion in 2021
Market share 17% in 2021
Monthly Active Users 40.2 million as of Dec. 2021
No. sellers 490K as of Q4 2021
Promising sellers to make inroads:
Sellers of clothing/fashion-related products.
Sellers boosting sales through live commerce.
Sellers making inroads into Korea at a lower initial cost


1. Key features
NAVER Tops the chart for market share & annual transaction
One-stop user experience from search to payment promotes rational decision-making

2. Popular category
Fashion/Fashion-related products are the best in sales
Those in their 30s, 40s and older women are big fans of the categories

3. Commission
NAVERCommission rates 1.98% ~ 5.63%

4. Unique service : Shopping Live
Sales volume and turnover jumped by 48% and 49% on average respectively after Shopping Live
Shopping Live ranks No.1 in the market with an aggregate of 700 million views and ₩500 billion in aggregate transaction volume as of Q3 2021.