Launched in 2010
Annual sales an estimated ₩37.8 trillion in 2021
Market share 13% in 2021
Monthly Active Users 26.23 million as of Dec. 2021
No. sellers 200K as of Q4 2021
Promising sellers to make inroads:
Sellers of household goods
Sellers of food
Sellers making inroads into Korea at a best price strategy


1. Key features

Coupang, the most popular shopping app in Korea
COUPANG adopts first fulfillment service based on direct purchase with “rocket delivery”—overnight delivery policy, attracting a lot of users.

It runs two platforms: a rocket delivery platform/a marketplace(open market) platform.

2. Popular category

Coupang Food and Household goods top the list
Women ages 10 to 20 are keeping track of the food sector
Men in their 30s and 40s are big fans of household goods & health care items

3. Commission
Coupang Commission rates
4% ~ 11%

4. Unique service : Shipping competitiveness building on logistics infrastructure

70% of Koreans live within a 10km radius of the logistics hubs
34 million users are eligible for courier service in just 10 minutes
170 logistics hubs including 80 fulfillment centers up and running across the country